Welcome to this blog!This blog are about computer science.This blog will give information about computer science careers details.Youngsters who are surfing the internet and not getting valuable informations.


It has been founded by rahul kumar.Rahul kumar is computer graduate.This website is made from the point of view regarding career opportunities.Those person who spent lot of time while surfing the internet,not getting valuable information.This website will save their time.This website will save their time while surfing the internet,not getting valuable information.This website will save their time.This website will provide information about computer training for providing jobs and making smart with the technology.

This website will help the person who are not getting guidelines about their careers.In future,on youtube,i will provide some free lectures for the computer science.This website are also useful for them,who don’t have so much money for coaching.Even though the weaker sections of soceity can attain maximum benefit from this website,without coaching.In the future,I will provide the computer courses in d.v.d and online medium.

Spiritual Thoughts:“God is the creator ,destroyer and operator of the universe.Man’s duty is to go on performing action without any motive to full fill his desires.”


According to geeta” Gyan yaga are superior than astan yaga,karma yaga.


Rahul Kumar is the follower of Lord Krishna.Whatever the success and failure will come,it is dedicated to Lord Krishna.This website’s income will be used for the sri krishna soceity welfare.

Any recommendations regarding website.I need your love ,support and cooperation.You can email me at rahulkumar1990cse@gmail.com.

INSPIRATION:I am inspired by swami ramdev,steve jobs,sachin tendulkar,govind jaiswal(IAS OFFICER),richard brandson and Narendra Modi (Tea staller who turned P.M.).

PASSION:Yoga,Meditation,blogging,Teaching and helping Human Beings.

AIM:To do something for India before  the death .


I see every human beings and living species as divine and God presence in them.If i contribute some time for them,i am worshipping Lord Krishna.God are same for all religions.God’s name are only different.Thank for Google Adsense Team and Google Team  for providing an opportunity for blogging without hosting charge and to connect and share ideas among the peoples.Readers are requested to give feedback by passing comments,so i can learn from my mistakes.Then,I will able try to rectify my mistakes.After that i can write the articles as per reader’s requirements.

There are popular Indian freedom Strugglers during Pre- independence period follow the Bhagvad Gita principle.The Father of Nation-Mahatma gandhi had given his quotation about gita.

“When doubts haunt me,when disappointments state me in the face,and i see not one ray of hope on the horizon,i turn to Bhagavad-Gita and find a verse to comfort me;and i immediately begin to smile in the midst of overwhelming sorrow.Those who meditate on the Gita will derive fresh Joy and new meanings from it every day.”

  • If you are engaged in the worldy desires then you are not able to do for soceities.Then,your life are totally waste.In other words,Personal benefits should be given less priorities than Social welfare work.
  • One who are involved in prayanam and meditation practices,will able to contribute something for the soceities.Their minds are under the control .
  • From your incomes,contribute 10% to poor,Old persons,orphan,physical disabled persons and wild animals.
  • We should respect and love all the living beings.We should try not to give trouble to them.
  • If you dedicate your work for the country and welfare of peoples.In the eyesight of God,you are superior than any other human beings.
  • Our death and Born are determined By the God.


Just unite all the citizens of the world to make India as the Developed country without poverty,corruption,malnutrition and terrorism.So,i will request all my aspirants to associate,participate and distribute knowledge.





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